Personal Note from Victor Woods

Published authors account for less than 1% of the population in the world.  Becoming a published author is a daunting task; however, it can be obtainable with dedication, perseverance and the fundamental knowledge of how the game of publishing is played.   People from all walks of life have asked me how to go about getting their literary work published. Being asked so many times by writers what is the key to successfully getting your book or manuscript published inspired me to create an arm of my company dedicated to helping people live their dreams of being published. Before landing a major book deal at Simon & Schuster I was an aspiring self published author attempting to find my way through the oftentimes discouraging comments and scam artists seeking to profit from my hard work and dreams, without offering any real workable and tangible realistic advice.  I am looking forward to working with writers and providing services and consultations to help writers avoid the trials and tribulations I went through before becoming published.  I look forward to working with you and celebrating your dream together.  No one rises to low expectations. In addition, The Victor Woods Corporation has a variety of staff on hand to help you self publish your work from book design, editing and printing for individuals seeking to self publish.


  • How to start writing my book 101
  • How to self publish
  • How to find an agent
  • Designing your book jacket
  • How to promote and market your book
  • How to prepare for an interview on TV or radio
  • How to design a press kit and business card
  • Advice on hiring a publicist
  • Coaching on developing your public speaking skills
  • Speech writing
  • How to obtain TV and media attention
  • Public speaking
  • Mentoring at risk youth
  • Family counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Gang awareness and intervention
  • Drug and alcohol abuse intervention
  • Drop out prevention
  • Health and wellness


Have you or a family member or dear friend been sentenced to jail or prison?  Are you afraid scared or confused?  Relax, that's only natural. Victor Woods was sentenced to 2 terms in prison on both the state and federal level and was incarcerated for a total of 10 years.  Victor not only survived prison but flourished and prospered in prison.  The United States of America has more people incarcerated than any country in the world and the overwhelming majority of prisoners return back to society damaged and broken and return back to the prison system within a year of being released.  This sad statistic is exemplified in the recidivism rate across the United States.  Victor Woods is considered an expert in prison reentry, prison reform and how to avoid the debilitating pitfalls of incarceration.  Mr. Woods travels throughout the United States counseling and motivating prisoners on how to survive and prepare a plan of action while they're incarcerated so that they do not return to prison.  Simply put, Victor Woods is the poster child for how to survive prison and rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.
Allow Victor Woods to assist your family member or friend in putting together a personal game plan for their safety and well being spiritually, physically and most importantly mentally.
In the words of my grandmother Mary Louise Martin, "you can make it".


Victor Woods
Published author Simon & Schuster