Victor Woods is a nationally recognized speaker and founder of The Victor Woods Corporation.  Mr. Woods is the author of his autobiography entitled, A Breed Apart:  My Journey to Redemption, published by Simon and Schuster in 2005.  He is the author of two more books entitled, Successfully Achieving Your Vision Books I and II.
For over a decade, Mr. Woods has spoken at colleges, businesses, schools, juvenile detention centers, prisons and various organizations across the United States.  He has keynoted conferences such as the National Criminal Justice Conference, Closing the Achievement Gap Conference, the National Preventing Crime in the Black Community Conference hosted by the State of Florida’s Attorney General, Bill McCollum,  the National Baptist Convention, and the National Juvenile Justice Conference to name a few.  Mr. Woods delivered the keynote address in Wisconsin, home of the oldest celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, at the State Capitol in Madison on January 18, 2010.
Mr. Woods’ beginning is what makes his story remarkable. Victor, during his childhood, rebelled against authority. As a teenager a task force of sixty detectives arrested him in the act of committing an armed robbery.  After release from state prison, Victor returned to a life of crime.  Six years later, Victor was arrested for orchestrating a 40 million dollar credit card scheme.  After refusing to cooperate with authorities, Victor received a sentence of six years.  He served his time in a maximum security prison, and after spending nine months in solitary confinement Victor fully realized the weight of his circumstances.  Subsequently, he began to give motivational speeches to inmates encouraging them not to succumb to the vicious cycle that entraps so many of our nation’s young men and women.   When the rules of society said he could not change and the odds were in favor of failure, Mr. Woods set himself on a course to change his life and make a positive lasting contribution to society.
Mr. Woods has worked with law enforcement and prison officials across the United States, the Deputy Director of Prison Programming, Roberta Fews, in Illinois, school educators and administrators across the United States and assisted Mayor Daley’s office in Chicago with a community safety initiative aimed at stopping the senseless violence of urban youth.
Mr. Woods has appeared on CNN, The O’Reilly Factor, BET, C-SPAN, CLTV and many other news programs.  His story has been shared in several publications including The Chicago Sun Times, The Chicago Tribune, The St. Petersburg Times, The Oklahoma City Herald and many more.  Ebony Magazine wrote about Mr. Woods in the June 2007 issue.  Currently, Mr. Woods is represented by Jeffrey Wank in Hollywood and is working on a movie deal about his life.
Mr. Woods is dedicated to working with youth, men and women who aspire to beat all the odds and dare to be the star of their own destiny.